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With Troovel, you can plan your trip with ease in a matter of minutes! We have more than 40,000 travel guides available for locations around the world. Choose one of our guides or create your own on the Troovel website at

Use maps offline

You can download your trip in your device and use our maps offline. Our maps are designed to help you explore the city, so you avoid roaming charges when you?re abroad.

Always know where you are

Thanks to our offline maps, you?ll always know where you are and where you?re going. Say goodbye to the insecurity of being lost in an unfamiliar city!

With all the information

Troovel has information from the most well-known sources, such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMaps, TripAdvisor, Flickr,, Booking, etc. We gather the important information in one central location so you don?t miss a thing. You can even store all the information on your trip offline!

Show off your trip!

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of a trip is telling people about it.

Share your guide with your friends, post it in the social media and show off your trip!

Store your guide on all your devices

Are various people travelling with various devices, such as tablets, iPads and so on? No problem! With Troovel, your trip can be shared among various people and various devices so that everyone has a copy. Don?t worry about your battery running out! Just to be extra safe, you can even download the guide in PDF format.