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The city of Suzhou is located in the region Jiangsu Province of China. Stands out for its buildings of architectural value and monuments, its several entertainment places, and its natural landscapes.

Passionates to the architecture and monuments may contemplate places of interest for tourists like Yiyuan Garden, Baodai Bridge and Guangfu Tower, cultural places of interest like Cloud Rock Leaning Pagoda, Xiyuan Temple of Suzhou and Beisita, a landscape enviroment like Yangjiaqiao Catholic church, and an arts entertaiment place like Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Center.

Fans of leisure and entertaiment areas have places of interest for tourists like Suzhou Amusement Park, Tingfeng Garden and Quyuan Garden, cultural places of interest like Suzhou Garden Museum and Yanjia Garden, landscape enviroments like Humble Administrator's Garden, Master-of-Nets Garden and Tiger Hill, an aquatic entertaiment place like Suzhou Water Park, and an arts entertaiment place like Guangyu Theatre.

Lovers of great landscapes and natural corners will be able to enjoy places of interest for tourists like Shihu Lake, Linggu Cave and Xishi Cave, cultural places of interest like Landscape Architecture, Panmen] Gate and Sanshan Island, and landscape enviroments like Shantang Scenic Resort, Jinji Lake and Suzhou Ancient Grand Canal.

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Suzhou (former common romanisation: Soochow) is a major city in the southeast of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China, adjacent to Shanghai Municipality. The city is on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and on the shores of Taihu Lake and is a part of the Yangtze River Delta region. Administratively, Suzhou is a prefecture-level city with an urban population of over 4 million in its core districts. With its administrative area expanding to over 10 million of population as of 2010, Suzhou is the ninth most populous city in mainland China. It is considered one of the richest major cities in China.

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