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El Astillero


The town of El Astillero is located in the region Cantabria of Spain.

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El Astillero (English: "The Shipyard") is a town and municipality in the province and autonomous community of Cantabria, northern Spain. It is near the province capital, Santander, and it is known for its shipyard, and for holding the title of Spain Rowing Championships. Its location is determined geographically by the estuaries that surround it: the majority of used, and the estuary of Carmen and the Shipyard (Bay of Santander) and is located between the municipalities of Camargo, who formerly belonged El Astillero, Villaescusa, Piélagos, Environment and Marine Cudeyo Cudeyo. Located at the foot of Peña Cabarga, is located 7.5 kilometers from the capital of the community, Santander, and is 20 meters above the sea level.

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