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The town of Becerrea is located in the region Lugo of Spain.

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Travel guides of Becerrea

Becerreá, is a municipality located in the Spanish province of Lugo. Situated right in the eastern mountain range of the province, it occupies an extension of 173.3 km and forms part of the Region of Los Ancares, which contains the departure points of the access routes. It accounts for 113 entities of population, and 26 parishes (Agueira, Armesto, Becerreá, Cadoalla, Cascallá, Cereixal, Cruzul, Ferreiros de Balboa, Fontaron, Furco, Guilfrei, Liber, Morcelle, Oselle, Ousón, Pando, Penamaior, Quintá, Sevane, Tortes, Veiga, Vilachá, Vilaiz, Vilamane, Vilouta).

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