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The town of Puig is located in the region Valencia of Spain.

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El Puig (Valencian pronunciation: [eɫ ˈputʃ]), officially El Puig de Santa Maria since 2012 (also known as El Puig d'Enesa or El Puig de Cepolla), is a village situated 15 km north of the city of Valencia in the comarca of Horta Nord, Spain. Its name means "hill" in Catalan (i.e. Valencian). The municipality comprises three main areas, the first being the village itself, which is dominated by a monastery, and two large wooded hills next to it, the largest of which has the ruins of a castle fortress at the top. Originally, however, there was another hill named La Pedrera (i.e. the Stone Quarry) which disappeared gradually during the 20th century to make way for the V-21 motorway, with the rock being used to construct one of the jetties at Valencia's port. The second section is the coastal area of 4 km of beach with eight housing developments that are generally only inhabited in the summer; and finally, there is an industrial park located between them.

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