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The town of Casetas is located in the region Zaragoza of Spain.

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Casetas is a population entity that is 14 km (9 mi) from Zaragoza, its administrative capital. From July 1, 1879 by decision of the City Council of the former town of Las Casetas, this place began to be a neighborhood of the city of Zaragoza. Nowadays it is the most populated neighborhood of the 14 rural neighborhoods that the city has. Casetas is situated in the northwest corner of the municipality of Zaragoza, at 215 m (705 ft) of altitude, it borders Sobradiel on the north, Garrapinillos on the south, Utebo on the east and Pinseque, Alagón and La Joyosa on the west. The municipal term of Casetas has an area of 3.15 km (1.22 sq mi). The mayor of Casetas is Mr. José Luis Román Escuer.

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