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The city of Thimphu is located in the country Bhutan of Asia. Stands out for its buildings of architectural value and monuments, its cultural offer, and its natural landscapes.

Passionates to the architecture and monuments may contemplate cultural places of interest like Buddha Point and Phajoding Monastery.

People attracted by museums and the world of culture may see a cultural place of interest like Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan.

Lovers of great landscapes and natural corners will be able to enjoy landscape enviroments like Motithang Takin Preserve and Jhomolhari.

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Thimphu (/tɪmˈpuː/; Tibetan alphabet: ཐིམ་ཕུག་ [tʰimpʰu], Dzongkha: ཐིམ་ཕུ་), also in the past spelled as Thimpu, is the capital and largest city of Bhutan. It is situated in the western central part of Bhutan and the surrounding valley is one of Bhutan's dzongkhags, the Thimphu District. The city became the capital of Bhutan in 1961. As of 2005 it had a population of 79,185, with 98,676 people living in the entire Thimphu district.

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