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The city of Parnu is located in the country Estonia of Europe. Stands out for its several entertainment places, and its natural landscapes.

Fans of leisure and entertaiment areas have a cultural place of interest like Blacksmiths Shop, landscape enviroments like Parnu Beach Promenade and Herb Garden on Tamme Farm, an aquatic entertaiment place like Tervise Paradiis Water Park, sport activities places like Parnu Beach Playground and Vallikaar Playground, and an arts entertaiment place like Endla Theatre.

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Travel guides of Parnu

4 days
23 places of interest
Ricky Cox Ricky Cox

Pärnu (German: Pernau, Polish: Parnawa, Latvian: Pērnava) is a city in southwestern Estonia on the coast of Pärnu Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Riga in the Baltic Sea. It is a popular summer vacation resort with many hotels, restaurants, and large beaches. The Pärnu River flows through the city and drains into the Gulf of Riga. The city is served by Pärnu Airport.

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