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The city of Perm is located in the country Russia of Europe. Stands out for its several entertainment places, its buildings of architectural value and monuments, and its museums and cultural offer.

Fans of leisure and entertaiment areas have arts entertaiment places like Perm Opera and Ballet House named after Tchaikovsky, Perm Youth Theater and New Drama Theater.

Passionates to the architecture and monuments may contemplate a place of interest for tourists like The Rotunda, cultural places of interest like Permyak - the salty ears and The Petropavlovsky Cathedral, and arts entertaiment places like Stage-Molot Theater, Perm drama "Theatre-theatre" and Theater at the bridge.

People attracted by museums and the world of culture may see cultural places of interest like Motovilikha Plants History Museum, Perm State Art Gallery and Perm Local History Museum.

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Perm (Russian: Пермь; IPA: [pʲermʲ];Komi-Permyak: Перем, Perem; Komi: Перым, Perym) is a city and the administrative center of Perm Krai, Russia, located on the banks of the Kama River in the European part of Russia near the Ural Mountains. From 1940 to 1957 it was named Molotov (Russian: Мо́лотов [ˈmolətəf]).

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