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The city of Becharre is located in the country Lebanon of Middle East - North Africa. Stands out for its natural landscapes, its interest for tourists of every kind, and its cultural offer.

Lovers of great landscapes and natural corners will be able to enjoy a place of interest for tourists like Qadisha Caves, and a cultural place of interest like The Cedars of God.

People attracted by museums and the world of culture may see a cultural place of interest like Gibran Museum.

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Travel guides of Becharre

Bsharri (also spelled Becharre, Bcharre, Bsharre; Arabic: بْشَرِّيْ‎), is a town at an altitude of about 1,500 m (4,900 ft) in the Kadisha Valley in northern Lebanon. It is located in the Bsharri District of the North Governorate.

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