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Al Baha


The town of Al Baha is located in the country Saudi Arabia of Middle East - North Africa.

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Al Bahah (Arabic: الباحة‎ Al Bāḥa) is a city in the south west of Saudi Arabia. It is the capital of Al Bahah Province nestled between the resorts of Mecca and Abha, Al Baha is one of the Kingdom’s prime tourist attractions. It enjoys a pleasant climate and is surrounded by more than forty forests, including Raghdan, al Zaraeb and Baidan. Al Baha is the headquarters of the Governor, local councils and branches of governmental departments. Receiving the state's special attention, the city of Al Baha abounds in educational, tourist and health institutions, It is considered the capital of the Ghamidi and Zahrani tribes in Saudi Arabia, And most of its inhabitants are from the native tribes.

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