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The town of Tabarka is located in the country Tunisia of Middle East - North Africa. Stands out for its entertainment attractions.

Fans of leisure and entertaiment areas have a landscape enviroment like Hôtel Sentido Casino & Beach Resort.

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Travel guides of Tabarka

Tabarka (Arabic: طبرقة‎, Phoenician Tabarka, Thabraca' in Latin,Thabarka or Barga by locals) is a coastal town located in north-western Tunisia, at about 36°57′16″N 8°45′29″E / 36.95444°N 8.75806°E / 36.95444; 8.75806, close to the border with Algeria. It has been famous for its coral fishing, the Coral Festival of underwater photography and the annual jazz festival. Tabarka's history is a colorful mosaic of Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Turkish civilizations. The town is dominated by an offshore rock on which is built a Genoese castle. Nationalist leader Habib Bourguiba, later to become president of post-independence Tunisia, was exiled here by the French colonial authorities in 1952.

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